ATM Prototype BBVA Teller Assist

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We wanted to create a convenient experience for the customer to do anything and everything possible on an ATM machine. A robust machine and virtual assistant — customers can make complex deposits, receive customised bills with a withdrawal, request a cash advance, set up a transfer and much more, while also having the option to receive help and assistance from a live teller at any time.

Teller Assist Drive Thru

Automated experience with support

While the customers can do traditional transactions easily, we also wanted to make the experience of doing the most complex transaction simple for the user. In the following case, we provide a self-service interface for the customer to make multiple cash and check deposits into different accounts. If help is needed, the remote teller can take control of the same screen to complete the customer's transaction.

ATM transactions with options

Customers can make common transactions such as cash withdrawals, and also select the type of bills they want.